Interdisciplinary researcher, artist and designer working in, for and about public space. Originally from Portugal currently based in Rotterdam, NL

My research and artistic practice focuses on participatory, DIY and informal approaches to urbanism and city-making, as a way to collectively question preconceived notions of what public space is and for whom, while opening up space for co-imagination and creation of alternatives.

I do this through a wide range of media (screenprinting, photogrammetry, videogames, collage, etc.) and these explorations are manifested in multiple formats: artistic/ academic research, collaborative experiences, workshop formats, artistic interventions, interactive installations, design concepts, film etc.

I’ve co-authored a paper published in the Participatory Design Conference (PDC22) and showcased at Zagreb Contemporary Art Museum (MSU), WIP Festival, V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Treehouse NDSM, MozFest and Garage Rotterdam. I’ve collaborated with, among others, Humankind, Municipality of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, With Company, Extinction Rebellion Netherlands, Baltan Laboratories, Technical University Munich and EIT (European Institute of Technology).

You can follow my research interests on or check my CV. Occasionally you might also find me screenprinting a poster and pasting it around a wall near you as (de)conceptualise. If you have an idea for a possible collaboration, you can reach me here: pedro [@] | @pedro.gil.farias

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