Sold Out Futures

Design research at the intersection of participatory and speculative design applied to public space, or in other words, how we can bring together different groups to imagine the future of living, meeting, playing and working together.

Workshops & Experiences:
Young City Makers
As The City Whispers
Haul Earth Ledger

Research & Strategy:
Unpacking busyness in De Wallen (Red Light District)
Rotterdam Mobility Strategy
The Community Cone

Theory & Methods:
Participation in Speculative Design
Today x Tomorrow Methods


Sold Out Futures

Design research practise by Pedro Gil Farias at the intersection of participatory and speculative design. Working with organisations and communities to co-create alternative stories for ‘better’ future(s).


As The City Whispers

#DesignResearch #Morethanhuman

When: MAR 2021
Project Context:
Self-initiated project for Mozilla Festival 2021
Hugo Pilate
Freelance Design Researcher
Involved in:
Overall project
3 ‘Exquisite corpse’ scripts looking at particular issues related with sustainability in city through the perspective of non-human actors
Rethinking the Smart City through the perspective of living and non-living entities

As the City Whispers is a collaborative exercise hosted during Mozfest 2021 using Spatial Chat and Google Docs. Starting from a pre-created neighborhood map and the many living and non-living entities that inhabit it, the visitors are invited to imagine the exchanges between these different entities as they try and care for their community and their surroundings.

Take a look at the following links to follow the conversations:

Convo 1 🌀🌀🌀 | On freedom of movement
Convo 2 🌿🌿🌿 | On nutrition and autonomy
Convo 3 🗑🗑🗑 | On the city’s regurgitations