Proposing Barco’s role in shaping the educational futures

Commercial | Strategic Future Scenarios

Project type: Client project
Client/Partner: For Barco during my Msc at TU Delft
Goal: Research and develop a vision and scenarios that explore future opportunities for Barco
Role: Strategic designer / design researcher
Activities: Involved in the project from initiation, research and conclusion. Developed the final visual assets used in the roadmap (below)
Output: Strategic visual roadmap showcasing a vision for Barco in the future of education and three scenarios to reach that vision.

Barco is a technology company specializing in digital projection and imaging technology. For this project, we were tasked to imagine and propose a future vision, exploring future opportunities for Barco. The outcome is a thorough research that resulted in defining a vision for The Future of Education and how Barco could play a part in it with a detailed roadmap and some product concepts.

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