Some of the things I can help you with:

Will you tell me my future?
No (sorry). But I can help you understand the multiple futures ahead. Check here what I can do for you.

Why is it written future(s) and not just future?
The future is not singular and predetermined, so there is not one single future. We, people working with future(s), refer to it that way to showcase the plurality and multiplicity of futures that exist at any given point.

Why are there googly eyes following me around?
Because in the internet you are always being watched.

ok... why if I click on the googly eyes it takes me to “Every Breath You Take” by The Police?

“every breath you take and every move you make,
every bond you break, every step you take,
he'll be watching you.

every single day and every word you say,
every game you play, every night you stay,
he’ll be watching you.

Oh, can't you see you belong to him?
How his poor heart rejoices,
with every step you take?

Every move you make and every vow you break,
every smile you fake, every claim you stake,
he'll be watching you.”

Get it?

How do I make my cursor smile?
It is hungry, you have to feed him links!

Why does my cursor needs links?
That’s what you do in the internet, right? click swipe swipe swipe click swipe swipe

Are these questions for me or are you writing them so you can answer?
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