Speculations on Consumer Culture

Workshop, Future Scenario

Self-iniated project with Hugo Pilate

An informal co-design fiction workshop exploring an alternative narrative for Black Friday and consumer culture. You can read more about the project in this article, take a look at the workshop MIRO board and the final ouput in the website haul.earth.

The session was held as an open office hours format during the week of 16-20th of November. The main activity involved  participants immersing themselves in the scenario and creating a digital collage by using products and parts that were now obsolete and out of production. This resulted in over 20 creations and proposals from a future where Black Friday does not celebrate consumption but creation! A selection of those were created in 3D using blender and are now on showcased in Mozilla Hubs as part of Mozilla Festival 2021.

Flyer for the 8th edition of the (fiction) Haul Earth Ledger sent to the participants.

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