But you can just call me Pedro.

My interest currently lies in exploring design as a strategic medium for critical inquiry and research. Approaching design as a problem-setting practice, I aim to explore designers’ role to foster discussion and debate about alternative futures, challenge the status quo, dominant systems and institutions, and foster reflection on present (and future) social, cultural and technological issues.

My current work is focused on engaging different organisations, communities and publics in creating and discussing different narratives for the future. I design future products/ services/ experiences that materialize future possibilities and use them as discussion and research tools to imagine a preferable future that we can start building today.

I’ve recently finished  my final graduation project at TU Delft with the topic “Participation in Speculative Design”, a project exploring the challenges of employing a critical approach like speculative design in participatory settings and in new contexts (out of the gallery).

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☞  “Speculative Design: What, Why, How?” - September 2020 - We Are Reasonable People  Rotterdam,  Netherlands

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