Hey, I’m Pedro.  

I’m a design researcher and strategist at the intersection of participatory and speculative design. My work aims to support the imaginative capacity of individuals, communities and organisations in exploring alternative scenarios to dominant narratives, getting comfortable with the unknown and critically looking at the today’s conditions by challenging what is ‘known’. What I can help with:

☞ Participatory workshops and experiences;
☞ (qualititative) Design research into today’s and tomorrow’s needs, trends and drivers of change;
☞ Futures-informed creative strategy, product and service concepts;
☞ Design futuring methods, tools and theory;
All rights reserved © 2021. All things here represent my work and thinking unless stated otherwise. However, feel free to appropriate, copy, remix, collage, or whatever you want to do with what you see. Registered in the Netherlands with KVK: 78542359   /////