‘Meanings of Home’ is a short, self-intiated project that explored the intangible meanings behind post-industrial objects. More specifically products associated with the ‘smart home’ like ‘Google Home’. Where a physical shape can be seen as a ‘portal’ to a wide network of services, people, data and organisations 1.

By using a linoprinting technique, the circuit board of the Google Home mini (tangible) was printed into several different words that define the product (intangible) .

‘Things’ are not just technical arrangements of physical stuff put together in specific a configuration and shape. A thing is also the relations and interactions between the product and the context, the people and other things that surround it. They have intagible meanings . Some of them designed into the product, others will come from use. 2

The Final outcome is a series of linoprints.

1. Reference to Adam Greenfield’s chapter on ‘Internet of Things’ in his book “Radical Technologies” 2. The concept of ‘Things’ is also explored in the work of  Bruno Latour, in the project Parliement of Things and the work of Elisa Giaccardi and Iohanna Nicenboim at TU Delft regarding ‘Thing-Centered Design’
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