“That thing in the middle of ceramic tiles?”

Design Research, Product & Communication Strategy

Project type: Client project
Client/Partner: ▉▉▉▉▉ (Multination Construction Materials company in Portugal)
Goal: Align tile grouts product line to the clients needs and expectations
Role: Strategic designer / design researcher freelancer with TOYNO
Activities: Managing and leading the research; Designing the research tools (interview guide and observation toolkit; Conducting remote interviews with users; Analysing and translating the research findings into insights; Developing the strategic proposal and recommendations; Design of visual material illustrating the proposed concepts;
Output: Guidelines for new brand DNA of the product line with a clear position of each product + Communication strategy following four key design principles.

Due to major changes in buying behaviour of construction materials (shift from small traditional stores to larger construction materials retail centers) and with a product line due to be revised,  ▌▌▌▌▌invited us to rethink their tile grouts product line to be more aligned with the clients needs and expectations. 

The product line consisted of six (not-so) distinct products with similar technical capabilities but with different purposes. The challenges involved creating a communication strategy making clear the unique value proposition of each product both for the professional and non-professional clients.

Through qualititative research techniques, including interviews (with Constructors, Handymen, DIY, vendors) and in-store observations, we created a proposal for the product line and communication strategy.

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