Sold Out Futures

Design research at the intersection of participatory and speculative design applied to public space, or in other words, how we can bring together different groups to imagine the future of living, meeting, playing and working together.

Workshops & Experiences:
Young City Makers
As The City Whispers
Haul Earth Ledger

Research & Strategy:
Unpacking busyness in De Wallen (Red Light District)
Rotterdam Mobility Strategy
The Community Cone

Theory & Methods:
Participation in Speculative Design
Today x Tomorrow Methods


Sold Out Futures

Design research practise by Pedro Gil Farias at the intersection of participatory and speculative design. Working with organisations and communities to co-create alternative stories for ‘better’ future(s).


Today x Tomorrow Methodology

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When: SEP-FEB 2019
Project Context:
Strategic Design Intern
Involved in:
Overall project
2 reports (In Theory + In Practice) + Methodology with tools and frameworks
Supporting the development of a collaborative futures-discovery methodology for a design driven digital agency

How can IN10 – a creative digital agency – use a design oriented approach with clients to generate future scenarios and concepts from trends and developments? Together with IN10’s Designer Niels van Hamersveld  and departing from the “Future Scoping” methodology developed by IN10’s Managing Director Bjorn Stolte we developed a three phase methodology for IN10 to use as a future discovery process with their clients.

The first weeks of the project were focused on an in-depth research on methodologies and approaches used in future related projects. The final outcome consists of a three phase methodology. The three phases are defined by several guidingquestions and are supported by tangible tools (frameworks, tools and cardsets) to be used in the workshop sessions.