Vanderlande: Flying Groceries (2018)

Strategic Design / Roadmapping  / Product Strategy 

Vanderlande is a logistics company working with airports, warehouses and the parcel market. One of their products, the pocket system, presents an innovative solution for moving and sorting goods for parcel delivery and e-commerce. However, it’s use is still limited, how can the pocket system be better used and what future opportunities exist? We were tasked to develop a product strategy for the future of the pocket system.


The diagram below presents the approach taken for this project and the different activities undergone.


From the trend research, we started to focus on the opportunities in the e-groceries market and how the pocket system could be a part of it. We visited an Picnic warehouse (innovative online only supermarket) and interviewed an Albert Heijn (largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands) employee to confirm our assumptions about the opportunities in e-groceries. The final strategy involved an animation video, a roadmap and a small booklet to be passed to Vanderlande employees and explain our vision for the pocket system.

This project was done for the course Design Strategy Project at TU Delft alongside Paola Montserrat, Bram Baarslag and Chèr van Slobb. I was involved in the overall development of the strategic direction and on developing the roadmap visually and the video animation.

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