I’m a ...

----- / ----- creative / designer / design researcher / strategic designer  / speculative designer / critical designer / graphic designer /printmaker / artist / ex- student @ FBAUL / ex- intern @ IN10 / ex- Strategic Design master’s  @ TU Delft / born in Portugal / now in Rotterdam / verified human / “I’m not a robot” / Am I not a robot?  

... But besides the emptyness of titles and labels:

Trained as product designer with a Msc in Strategic Product Design by TU Delft, I’ve soon realised that my work is not driven by a specific medium or tool (medium-agnostic), but by the effect or the impact I want to have with the things I do.

My work is informed by several frameworks like strategic and service design, speculative and adversarial design, participatory design and co-creation, anti-establishment sub-cultures like punk and graffiti, etc.

What ties it all together is that through my work I aim to bring together different groups to imagine alternative and more positive narratives for the future, and then bring back those futures back to today and help them materialise by using design as a way to challenge and overthrow ‘business as usual’.

I also have an independent printmaking and graphic art practice called (de)conceptualise

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