2022  –   |   Multidisciplinary artist, researcher and designer
Self-initiated artistic projects that cross over research, design and artistic practise, my work draws on participatory and critical approaches to design, ethnography, creative subversion and DIY/ amateurism. The output of my work can range from research, artistic interventions, collaborative experiences and/or workshops.

2022   –   |   Design Researcher @ Humankind | Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Leading design research projects at Humankind, an urban change agency focusing on cities and public space. Applying design research techniques, ethnographic methods, co-creation and futuring approaches to urban transformation projects and ‘Citizen Experience design’ challenges. Key Clients & collabs: Amsterdam Municipality; Rotterdam Municipality; EIT (European Institute of Technology) Urban Mobility; TUM; Dutch Cycling Embassy.

2020   –   |   Creative subverter @(de)conceptualise
Independent graphic art practice focusing on traditional printmaking techniques, primarily screenprinting. Occasionally doing workshop, sometimes pasting things in the public space.

2020   –   |   Freelance Design Researcher
Expertise in qualitative research, participatory workshops and design futuring processes.
Selected collabs: With Company, Extinction Rebellion (XR) Netherlands, Toyno and Humankind.

Oct 2023   |   WIP Festival @ CYENS   |   Nicosia, CY
Showcasing of the project What a Mess in an interactive installation during the 2 week Art and Technology Festival.

Oct 2023   |   XR Kamp @ KONTEJNER   |   Zagreb, CR
Showcasing of the project What a Mess in an interactive installation + hosting a workshop during the festival as part of the project.

Aug 2023   |   “On Repetition” Group Exhibition @ Garage Rotterdam   |   Rotterdam, NL
Part of the group exhibition “On Repetition” at Garage. Presented the second iteration of the project Creative Commodities with support of CBK Rotterdam.

May 2023   |   “Realities in Transition” showcase @ V2_Lab | Rotterdam, NL
Two day showcase of the interactive installation resulting from the project “What a Mess” done in collaboration with Hugo Pilate during the 2 month residency.

Mar 2023   |   ‘In the process of Making’ Group exhibition @ Treehouse NDSM | Amsterdam, NL
For this exhibition on opening up the creative process, I created ‘Creative Commodities‘: an interactive installation and workshop series exploring creative ownership. Visitors are invited to use magazine cut-outs to feed a computer script tasked with generating an almost infinite number of collages that combine two of the visitors’ scans.

Mar – Apr 2023   |   ‘War for breakfast’ group exhibition @ Neck of the Woods III | Rotterdam, NL
As (de)conceptualise I exhibited two large screenprints (70x100cm) exploring the concept of conflict and the everydayness of war in our routines through the lens of cartoons.

Mar 2023   |   Haul Earth Ledger, Virtual Exhibition @ Mozilla Festival 2021
Presenting the project Haul Earth Ledger, created in collaboration with Hugo Pilate and the multiple workshop participants, in a virtual exhibition using Mozilla Hubs

Apr 2023   |   AI in the Hood @ Baltan Laboratories   |   Eindhoven, NL
Series of 2 workshops for Baltan Laboratories, exploring the use of AI for citizen participation in visualising alternative urban futures.

Apr – May 2023   |   What a Mess workshops @ V2_  |   Rotterdam, NL
Series of workshops for as part of the residency done at V2_Lab using 3D scanning as a way to tap into the narrative potential of the urban fabric. Each workshop was done with a different partner: Floor van Ditzhuyzen (Public Space Detective), MOMO Festival and ALL CAPS.

Aug 2023   |   CBK Practical funding
Practical funding for the project Creative Commodities for the exhibition at Garage Rotterdam.

Mar – May 2023   |   Resident @ V2_Lab for Unstable Media | Rotterdam, NL
2-month residency part of the Realities in Transition programme with a project co-produced with Hugo Pilate, exploring the use of photogrammetry in an accessible way to capture and think about city making and the public space.

P.G Farias., R. Bendor, B.F. van Eekelen (2022) Social dreaming together: A critical exploration of participatory speculative design. In Participatory Design Conference 2022: Volume 2 (PDC 2022 Vol. 2),. ACM, New York, NY, USA. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1145/3537797.3537826

17 Mar 2023   |   In the process of Making at Treehouse NDSM, ArtsTalk Magazine NL

2017 – 2020   |   Msc Strategic Product Design @ TU Delft | Delft, Netherlands
Design research; Context Mapping; Speculative Design; Brand strategy; Design Theory & methodology; Design roadmapping; Qualitative and Quantitative Research;

2014 – 2017   |   Licenciatura (BA) in Equipment Design @ FBAUL | Lisboa, Portugal
Design project; 3D Modelling; Adobe software; Marketing; Design Management; Art and Design History; Materials Science; Typography; Glass work; Ceramic moulding.

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