Hello World,  I’m Pedro a ...
----- / ----- creative / designer / design researcher / strategic designer  / speculative designer / critical designer / graphic designer / printmaker / artist / ex- student @ FBAUL / ex- intern @ IN10 / ex- Strategic Design master’s  @ TU Delft / born in Portugal / now in Rotterdam / verified human / “I’m not a robot” / Am I not a robot?  
...but those are just empty labels, here is a bit more about me:

As the present is unstable and the future uncertain, my interest currently lies in exploring design as a problem-setting practice and as a strategic medium for critical inquiry and research. Informed by Critical, Speculative and Participatory design, I focus on bringing together individuals, communities and organisations to reflect on present (and future) social, cultural and technological issues, challenge the status-quo, co-imagine possible futures/ alternative presents, and co-create preferable future scenarios

Humm sure... but how?
I think of my work as having two distinct but complementary steps:

    (1) Thinking of Alternative Futures/Presents: Exploring emerging trends and weak signals alongside individuals, organisations and experts to understand future needs, concerns and challenges. (Co-)creation of different possible scenarios that then are made tangible through toolkits, provotypes and future products/services.

    (2) Debate and Action in the Now: These artefacts are then used as provocation tools to generate discussion and debate, that will then inspire action and decision-making today. Finally, the scenarios and resulting discussions are brought together into preferable scenarios, with a clear vision statement and a roadmap with actionable steps to reach that vision.

I get it, but what do you do exactly?
    ☞  Desk and primary research into trends, emerging signals, current and future needs, values and opporutnities.
    ☞  Creation of future scenarios and analysis of opportunities and risks;
    ☞  I design and facilitate participatory workshops and co-creation sessions to envision and discuss future possibilities (opportunities, challenges, etc.);
    ☞  Translating the research and insights into artefacts that inform decision-making and inspire action today (including roadmaps, vision scenarios,  customer journeys, product concepts, etc).

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