Overuse is an immersive installation painting a partial picture of Mouraria as a flourishing, self-sufficient neighbourhood, no longer dependent on tourism.

From the initial pseudo-participatory renovation project “Ai Mouraria” with the goal of driving investments to the area, to fictional events driven by the residents to expose their own local productive capacity. Rethinking the rising trend of urban smoothness and aestheticization of public space to make cities more consumable and attractive for outside investment.

The scenario is played out within the videogame Fortnite, using re-appropriated game assets and 3D scans from real locations in Lisbon. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the speculative scenario and explore this subjective mapping of the neighbourhood of Mouraria and the different power dynamics and controversies acting out in the area.

References and Inspiration
The space is based on real events of the ongoing urban renewal process happening in the neighborhood of Mouraria in Lisbon. Taking direct inspiration from the beautifully illustrated accounts of José Smith Vargas on his recent graphic novel Vale Dos Vencidos.

How to play
The map is freely available to experience. If you have Fortnite already installed on your computer, you can experience the map by using the code 4272-8111-9082

If you don’t have Fortnite, you can run the game on almost any device with a stable internet connection via the browser. Follow the instructions on this website to set it up: https://www.fortnite.com/download

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