For Baltan Laboratories, in collaboration with Humankind and with the help of Hugo Pilate and Leif Czakai.

Created and facilitated two set of workshops with the premise of understanding the potential implications and applications of creative AI tools (image generation and text based) for citizen engagement in city making efforts.

The first workshop took a more DIY approach to AI for city-making using off the box tools readily available online. As a first step, were invited to reflect critically on AI-generated scenarios, written by Chat-GPT, for the future of Eindhoven. Next, they wrote their own stories about how they wanted the city to develop and translated them into prompts for NightCafé. With the tool they created visual scenarios for Eindhoven, altering real-life pictures of the city according to the prompts.

For the second workshop, we collaborated with UrbanistAI and combined their tool with Humankind’s GPSA (Good Public Space Analysis) developed internally by Marta Nosowicz. This time,¬† participants were guided from an analysis of the public space, using a space assessment exercise, to co-imagination moment where the ongoing discussions are translated into images using UrbanistAI‚Äôs technology. The final produced visuals can stir debate about potential futures in the public space in question.

Pictures by Barbara Medo

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