AI in the Hood Workshops

For Baltan Laboratories, in collaboration with Humankind and with the help of Hugo Pilate and Leif Czakai.

Created and facilitated two workshops with the premise of understanding the potential implications and applications of creative AI tools (image generation and text based) for citizen engagement in city making efforts.

On April 1st and 17th, Baltan hosted AI in the Hood workshops in the community centre De Buut and youth centre Tech Playgrounds HQ in Eindhoven. At each workshop, the participants made their own designs of Eindhoven using real-life pictures of the city and NightCafé.

The participants were working in teams and, as a first step, were invited to reflect critically on AI-generated scenarios for the future of Eindhoven. Next, they wrote their own stories about how they wanted the city to develop and translated them into prompts for NightCafé. The tool created visual scenarios for Eindhoven, altering real-life pictures of the city according to the prompts. The participants were given time to experiment with their designs to stimulate their creativity and capture their ideas of a sustainable city.” – Baltan’s website

Pictures by Barbara Medo and illustration by Hugo Pilate

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