Creative Commodities

Who owns the artwork when multiple people build on it? Is it the one who thinks of it, the one who makes meaning out of it, or the one who produces it? What about when non-human agency comes into play? 

Creative Commodities is an interactive installation & workshop series exploring creative ownership in a world of abundant creativity, instant inspiration and AI-assisted image-making. Mediated by a not-so-intelligent scanner, visitors are invited to use magazine cut-outs to feed a computer script tasked with generating an almost infinite number of collages that combine the different visitors’ scans. At the end of each week, during a workshop, participants can print a selection of the visitor-informed but computer-generated collages and paste them around the NDSM area.

Creative Commodities is part of the ‘In the Process of Making‘ exhibition at Treehouse NDSM in Amsterdam

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