FELYX.CITY is an exploration on commoning  by  looking at shared mobility services (scooters, mopeds, etc.) and their impact on the urban space. Now it consists of a series of physical and digital interventions that take as a starting point the same 3D scan of a Felyx (shared e-moped).

Under the tagline “Own the City”, the Dutch company Felyx deploys hundreds, if not thousands, of shared e-scooters every day. While ‘sharing is caring’, unfortunately these type of shared vehicles tend to cause more trouble in the space they occupy. Becoming then a symbol for carelessness.

The original 3D scan was used in Blender as a particule simulation to create a chaotic mess of Felyx scooters. You can check and buy the print here.

Using the same model I also created the absurdist website felyx.city (using <model-viewer>). Where you can test how many Felyx scooters you can deploy before it overloads your web browser, just like the real ones do to our cities. The website is loosely inspired on Evan Roth’s Gif Compositions. You can check it at:


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