The Skateable City is a spinoff of the project What a Mess done in collaboration with Hugo Pilate. The project was first presented during Rotterdam Architecture Month 2023.

‘The Skateable City’ is a workshop format that allows participants to skate the unskateable by bringing 3D scans of real spaces/objects done in Polycam into a modded version of the skateboarding videogame Skater XL.

It combines the original project’s ethos to “explore the untapped narrative potential of the urban fabric” with the DIY spirit of creative appropriation of space both found in the skateboarding and game modding communities. All this while exploring topics of creative appropriation, accessibility and urban (in)hospitality in the public space.

Importing custom assets to SkaterXL is made possible by XLObjectdropper mod by MCBTay

PSS x Tears Skate Obstacles

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